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O2 Wireless Box II – Hardware Images

This one is almost identical to the Thomson TG585 V8

Thomson TG585 V8 – Hardware Images


This came to me via a bulk lot of office equipment on ebay

I have another unit labeled O2 Wireless Box II


Network Enabled Something PT1

After browsing on one of my favourite sites Hack A day and seeing a post by [ “Doktor Andy”] i thought “why can i do that” so i set about getting the stuff needed to attempt to build something like this

  •  An old parallel network printer server
  • Some kind of logic to read from the parallel port

My first attempt was with a Netgear ps110 unfortunately i couldn’t get the print server to appear on my network , and it was made worse by the fact that there was no reset to default button, Im not sure if it was my network config or just bad luck, so i decided to get another make of print server from ebay

Enter the HP JetDirect EX plus 3 External Print Server HP Part No. J2593A , according to Doktor Andy , this device had been used in another persons work based on his idea and as an added bonus this device had 3 parallel ports allowing in theory control of 3 x the amount i thought


Mercury KOB SDH16P Fast Ethernet Switch – Hardware Images

Mercury KOB SDH16P Fast Ethernet Switch has 16 x 10/100Mbps Ports (i got it for £6 at a local boot sale)Unlike Most things this was very easy to get into , just unscrew two screws and slide the top plate


Front Panel Pinout

Pin 1 (Square) is a comman ground

Conecting pin 1 to the followng produces

1 & 2 No Connection
1 & 3 20% LED Lit
1 & 4 40% LED Lit
1 & 5 60% LED Lit
1 & 6 100% LED Lit
1 & 7 FDX LED Lit
1 & 8 100m LED Lit
1 & 9 HD LED Lit
1 & 10 Ready LED Lit
1 & 11 Power LED Lit
1 & 12 No Connection

Neoware/Boundless Capio II 320 – Hardware Images

Atari STFM – Hardware Images

The Atari STFM was the most popular of Atari’s 16-bit micros, available as either the 520STFM with 512KB RAM or the 1040STFM with 1MB. Unlike its predecesors, the STFM contained a built in TV modulator, a 3½” disc drive (initially with a 360k capacity, but increased to 720k on later models) and had both the operating system (TOS) and the graphical user interface (GEM) stored in ROM.


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